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About 200 balloons released to show support for Sawyer

About 200 people gathered over the weekend at White’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake for an event showing support for Sawyer Davidson, a Westlake child who is fighting a ferocious cancer battle.

Sawyer's words "I will never give up" inspired “Team Sawyer” to create a video to let him know just because he is away at treatment, doesn’t mean he is forgotten. The team—a handful of teachers, family, and friends of Sawyer— joined other supporters wearing the 7-year-old’s favorite color blue, to make a "We love you Sawyer" video to send to him as a reminder of how much he is loved.

Those in attendance encompassed students, parents, teachers, firefighters, and dignitaries including Rep. Tan Parker and Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, Westlake Mayor Laura Wheat, and former Westlake Mayor Scott Bradley. Even Batman made an appearance, as did Sawyer’s dog Archer!

In 2015 Sawyer was diagnosed with a brain tumor caused from medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer. Surgery removed the tumor but he relapsed in April. Since then he has received weeks of radiation, chemotherapy and other treatments to combat this disease.

Currently, Sawyer is out of the state receiving immunotherapy. He should receive the video within two weeks. His first-grade peers at Westlake Academy, however, held him close throughout the school year by placing a stuffed monkey on his desk to represent him while he was away.

“Just because they are in another state to receive treatment, doesn't mean we have forgotten about them,” said Sawyer’s first grade teacher Sarah Firsching. “In fact, they are on the forefront of our minds daily.”

During the event, attendees brought cards and posters for Sawyer and the group did a cheer for him as 200 blue balloons were released. Afterward, the videographer recorded personal shout-outs to Sawyer. Meat U Anywhere BBQ supplied tacos and water for the guests, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward pediatric cancer research in Sawyer’s name.

Firsching said watching a student fight cancer and struggle from the treatment’s side effects has changed her significantly. “Sawyer is the strongest and toughest person I know and I've never seen such bravery and perseverance in my life,” she said.

Firsching said she also found herself questioning why there isn't a cure for this heartbreaking disease in this day and age. “Sawyer is going through such a hard fight along with many other children who have this terrible disease,” she said. “We want to show everyone, especially Sawyer, that no one fights alone and we are cheering him on and beyond!” 

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